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Chemicals have become an important aspect of lawn management. Using chemicals does not mean we are neglectful of nature. With our custom tailored options, we balance need with concern for the environment.

We have taken the last few years’ weather and problems into account when we devised a program to counter these issues before they become a bigger problem. We use top quality products and change our program as needed based on weather conditions. We mix organic as well as non-organic products to achieve this. However, in 2008, we started a 100% organic program for those people who prefer that option.

We understand that we cannot control the weather, shade, or other aspects of the yard.  However, we can recommend changes and give advice on how to enhance the appearance of your yard. For this, Supergreen Inc. has devised a custom lawn, shrub, and tree chemical program.  The custom program helps counteract the weather we have been having over the last few years and has been developed especially for coastal neutral soils. We perform various tests and studies on soil.  Supergreen Inc. is the only company in Charleston that has a custom program. We do not do a basic, cheap chemical treatment.  We do what is necessary to get the grass, trees, and shrubs looking healthy and then maintain them properly. We do recommend soil samples to check pH and salts.  Because the program is customized, it is always changing depending on the weather conditions. Our chemical program will be servicing your lawn every four to seven weeks.  Between those regular visits, if you notice any problems, just call us at the office so that we may re-check your lawn free of charge. Our service calls are ran within 72 hours of your phone call to the office, with the exception of weekends and holidays, and your regular program will be done with your prior approval.

There are certain insect and disease problems that plague many lawns.  Our program has addressed these issues.  Please read on for answers on how we plan on addressing these problems.  
Common Lawn Problems
1. ​Fire ants- We offer a once a year fire ant killer that is guaranteed to work for one year.  Please call the office for pricing information.  If you choose not to purchase our once a year fire ant killer, we cannot guarantee control of fire ants.  If we are on your lawn maintenance program when the guys cut the yard, they will threat the mounds.  Our chemical person will also treat the mounds when he makes his visit. Since active mounds can appear overnight, we suggest you purchase an insecticide (Amdro) to keep on hand to treat the mounds as you find them.  Fire ants are not covered under our service call policy.

2. Mole Crickets- These annoying insects are treated at the proper times of year.  However, there is not a chemical made that will completely eliminate them. The chemicals that we use will diminish the amount and keep these animals under control.  Our supervisors can determine if a re-treatment is necessary and the proper action can be taken.

3. Fungus- We cannot prevent fungus from appearing on your lawn.  Nevertheless, we will apply fungicide to your lawn to help your lawn recover.

4. Rye grass-For those of you who like for us to overseed with Rye every year, it is very important that you notify our office of your intent.  We have to adjust your lawn program accordingly.  Otherwise, your lawn will receive regularly scheduled pre-emergent weed control that will prevent seed germination. 

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